Monday, January 19, 2015

The refrigerator nearly caught on fire. No one else in this house cares about this. I am near hysteria.

It all started when one of the two overhead bulbs blew out. I went to change it and that is when I discovered the scorch marks on the ceiling. Of course I run to google and find it after a couple of tries. Maytags (like mine) but mostly LG's have a tendency to overheat due to factory installed lightbulbs IF (emphasis on IF) you accidentally leave the door open long enough (with french door fridges think slamming the door shut and the other door pops open slightly) the damn thing could start a fire and burn the entire contents inside. Or like, your house. Anyway my damn fridge is too old to be under warranty anymore (it's over 7 years old- which I think is close to 50 in Home Depot appliance years). So I keep meaning to get LED appliance light bulbs. For now it's very dark in there. Oh, and I removed all the chairs on the first floor of my house because my kids are famous for pulling up a seat whilst browsing the contents of my fridge....

Anyone else dealing with dying appliances? And am I the only one appalled at the prices now a days? When did I get so old?